No Deposit Websites

This is a limited offer and we only take on a few of these projects. As you can imagine, lots of people will want this service and unfortunately, there are many time wasters.

We will review your project and asses the likelihood of you wanting the finished product before accepting the job.

Once accepted, we will arrange a time slot to carry out the work. You will receive a link to the website via email. The completed website will then be signed off on payment being received. In the unlikely event that you are not happy, the website will be taken off the internet and added to the design repository for future re-development.

Limited Offer

PJD Web design Derby now provides no deposit websites specifically for small traders and entrepreneurs from all industries and services.

We find that there are a lot of people that have paid a web design company for a website and not been happy with the result. This naturally puts them off. This no deposit website offer addresses their concerns because they can see what they are getting before spending any money.

No deposit websites offer the chance for sceptical people to become convinced that they will be getting value for money

We build a website using our existing designs and tailor each one to suit the look and feel or the website that you want to have. That is one reason for this no deposit website offer.

We will host the website in our own development area and send you a link so that you can see how the build is progressing. You can ask for changes at any time during the build process of your website.

As it is a no deposit website, you will not have your own domain name. This will come when you buy the website along with hosting.

Is this right for you?

In order to benefit from this offer, you must supply us with all text for every page along with all of the images you want on the website.
We will need access to any social media accounts that you want on the web page in order to connect them all together. You will need to supply anything else that you want to appear on the site.
You must also agree that you are personally responsible for the information and you are also liable for any copyright infringements.

We must be able to modify any text an images so that basic SEO principles are adhered to.

As soon as you are happy with the result you will be sent an invoice for the full balance. If you request a payment arrangement, and it is accepted, you will receive direct debit instruction.

On receipt of the first payment, your website will be published under its own domain name and its own hosting plan

We will track and monitor the site performance for 1 month from the publication date. Thereafter, you can take advantage of any of our highly competitive maintenance, SEO and combined monthly plans

Staying within your budget.

A budget will be agreed to work within at the outset of the work. We will build a website that fits your budget.

If your request for a no deposit website is refused because of over subscription, you can re-apply the following month and gain a priority project place. If your application is turned down on the grounds that you are not likely to complete your end of the deal, you can request re consideration and tell us why.